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Pulled in different directions that touch our soul, Roxy is the brand that brings us surf sirens together. Scouring the globe for the finest thrills and glassy surf spots, we’ve spent a lifetime chasing an endless summer in surfing gear ready for the ride. Creating a selection of action-essentials and salt-washed womenswear, our women’s surf shop is stacked with surfing souvenirs and shoreline savoir-faire refined with a progressive attitude to form, fit and function – check out our surf shop and embrace the Roxy spirit of adventure.

Salt Washed surfging gear

Bringing an international community of wilderness wave chasers and sideways sliders together, Roxy has been nurturing the surf industry since we engineered the first female board shorts. Creating something special inspired by our sense of adventure, Roxy’s surfwear shop has become a standard bearer for female surfing – creating form flattering and fierce sporting essentials for the woman who lives by the ebb of the tide. Drawing new lines in the sand, our selection of surf tees, wetsuits and womens board shorts are developed for the untamed thrill seeker. Built on surf and sand, Roxy’s surf wear is designed to endure the triumphs and tears of professional surfing, creating a range of multi-purpose designs that range from womens wetsuits to rash guard alternatives. Inspired by the women that are pushing professional surfing into an exciting new arena, Roxy has made it its mission to keep their confidence high and their wardrobe fly with a selection of bespoke surf wear that’s built for the brave.

Make waves with Roxy – Women’s surf shop

Exploring the technology and revolutionary materials that could change the way we surf forever, our womens wetsuits and rash vest styles are helping to open up the world of boardsports to an ever evolving sisterhood of surfers. From womens bikinis to wetsuit top styles, Roxy is rethinking the traditions and templates, stepping out of the status quo to create something that speaks to the next generation of young, wild and free rule breakers. Collaborating with some of the world’s most inspiring female athletes, Roxy surfing gear is a creative blend of on-shore style and cutting edge innovation, bringing together experience and industry know how to create something that offers uninhibited movement, unbelievable feel good factor and endless coastal cool.

Buy Roxy online @ the surf shop

Putting performance into practice, the Roxy surf shop is more than needle and thread – it’s a virtual hub where women can connect. Creating an online platform and blog for surf stylers across the globe, check out this season’s newest surfing gear and check in with your favourite athletes, too! Bringing you the biggest breakthroughs in surfing straight from our design floor to your door, push your limits in surf wear that’s built to endure. Offering you the latest industry news, profiles, interviews and style advice from the pros themselves, buy online at the Roxy web store and get bags of deals, discounts and offers on shipping – only when you shop our selection of surfing gear over on our website.

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