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Swim Shirts & Surf Tees for Women - Shop the Collection

Many modern and adventurous women have found their favourite sport in surf. They love the feeling of freedom that comes with being on a surf board, chasing waves and enjoying the water. We understand that, if you practice surf, you need proper clothing and equipment, and we are one of the brand that has dedicated more time and efforts to develop a line of women’s surf t shirts that offers high performance and the best quality. Our brand is recognized internationally for the quality of our surf t shirts, and a lot of surf professionals prefer our surf t shirts, so what are you waiting for? Trust the experts in women’s surf t shirts and get some for you today!

The perfect balance between performance and quality: Roxy’s surf t shirts

Surf tees are not just a matter of fashion. You need your surf tops to protect you from the weather and the sun, especially in a sport like surf, in which you are exposed for long periods of time. That is why we bring to you our uv t shirts, with a high degree of SPF protection, so you don’t suffer from sunburns. We carefully select our fabrics, taking into account the opinions of professional surfers, and our swimming t shirts are highly permeable so you don’t feel discomfort due to excess water. We also aim to manufacture durable garments, and our surfing t shirts have a high degree of color and shape retention, so if you think about it, you are making a very smart purchase.

Be ready for the perfect wave with Roxy’s swimming t shirts

Before buying a surf t shirt, you have to consider a lot of aspects: are they light and perfectly fit the contours of your body? Does the fabric feel soft to the touch? Do they offer extra protection against direct sunlight? In Roxy’s collection of women’s surf t shirts, the answer is yes to all these questions. We want you to be able to think only about surf when you are on top of your board, not about your clothes. Move around freely and feel comfortable all the time with our surf tees. We are experts in surf apparel for women, and when trusting the experts means that you will be highly satisfied if you decide to by your women’s surf t shirts from Roxy.

Shop online today, and have your surf t shirts delivered to your doorstep

Avoid wasting your time at a surf shop or shopping centre. At our official online shop, you will find our entire collection of surf t shirts, pay for them and get them delivered to your home in just a few clicks. And we also offer a professional customer support team, ready to assist you in each step of the process, or to answer any questions that you may have about our women’s surf t shirts. Don’t hesitate any longer and get your surf t shirts today!

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