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Never ones to let the weather stand in our way, we’re a sisterhood of storm chasers with our heads in the clouds and sand underfoot. The brand that brings us together, Roxy’s collection of wetsuit accessories are designed by world champion female athletes. Representing the best professional standards suited to cold water surfing, our neoprene accessories have been inspired by tears and triumphs - and the waves that led us to where we are today. Explore our selection of womens wetsuit accessories and kit up for your next winter session.

Wild weather wetsuit accessories

We live for the line up, those days when the tourists have packed their bags and you take back your favourite spot. Sure, the weather’s started to turn and you can feel your toes turning numb, but in the back of your ride, you’ve got the tools to touch the sky. They might just seem like an average pair of wetsuit gloves, but each part of our women’s surf collection is a finely tuned design created for kicking ass and riding out. Cut from the very finest insulating materials, our selection of Roxy wetsuit hoods and neoprene accessories are engineered by some of the most talented industry professionals and surfing elite. Created to improve core body temperature and dexterity in the water, our range of surfing neoprene accessories offers unrivalled fit and feel good factor to prevent cold water flushing and numbness. Looking at the science behind winter surfing, the Roxy team has developed a selection of wetsuit accessories suited to every climate. From the fjords of Norway to your local beach break, our neoprene accessories guarantee to extend your time in the water thanks to their improved ergonomics and heat retaining qualities.

Suit up with Roxy’s womens wetsuit accessories

Designed in collaboration with some of the world’s wildest riders, Roxy has created a lifestyle out of searching for the next high. Putting a pin in the map and seeing where we land, the Roxy team need wetsuit accessories that can handle any climate, that’s why we’ve created a wide cross section of womens wetsuit accessories that range from light neoprene wetsuit toppers to heavy duty designs for extreme iceberg chasing. With one foot in the surf and one in the design studio, our half pipe home girls help to combine our in-house expertise with their shoreline savoir-faire. A world leader in wetsuit accessories, we’re changing the world of surfing from the inside out. Roxy is ready for the ride, are you?

Buy Roxy neoprene accessories online

Taking those beach dreams and turning them into reality, Roxy represents a new wave in professional surfing. Offering a range of womens wetsuit accessories suited to international riding, our collection of neoprene accessories can be worn around the world. Suited to different temperatures and climates, our seasonal collection of wetsuit accessories is available to buy online. Check out the Roxy surf store today and get exclusive deals, discounts and offers on super fast shipping – only when you shop at Roxy.

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