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Rash Vests & Rash Guards for Women - Shop Onine

There is no better sense of freedom and adventure than the one that comes with chasing the waves over a surf board. We know that modern women love new challenges, and that they are passionate about the sports they practice. We understand that, in order to perfect your surfing style, you need surfing accessories and equipment of the highest quality, so we want to offer you our women’s rash vests. As a brand that dedicates time and effort into learning more about surf and developing professional standard rash vests, we know that you will be pleased with your purchase. Be ready for a day of surf, waves and water, by having a few women’s rash vests at hand!

High performance and durable: Roxy’s rash vests

If you are looking for items designed especially for your surf practice, look no further. We have years of experience in surf related clothing, and our girl’s rash vests are used by surf professionals worldwide. Each rash guard that we manufacture undergoes very strict quality tests, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with each purchase. Depending on the weather conditions and water temperature, you may choose from short or long sleeve rash vests, and we even offer thermal rash vests so cold water is never an excuse not to surf and enjoy the water. For us, the most important element is your comfort and well being, and our rash tops are made out of high quality fabrics that are soft and stretch resistant, made out of the perfect combination of polyester and elastane.

Design, durability and comfort: some of the elements that you’ll find in Roxy’s rash vests

We understand that surf is a sport that requires professional standard clothes and equipment. One of the elements that we take into account is skin care: because in surfing you are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, our ladies rash vests offer you up to 50+ UPF Ultraviolet sun protection. They are also highly permeable so you don’t have to deal with excess weight due to humidity in your clothes. Our rash vests come with a guarantee of excellent shape and colour retention, so they look as good as new after many months of use. We offer a wide selection of prints, different designs, styles and sizes, so there is something for everyone. Buying women’s rash vests from Roxy is always a smart move: you get an high quality, high performance, durable item for a reasonable price!

Shop online today and get your rash vest delivered to your doorstep!

At our official online shop, you can browse and compare all our women’s rash vest models and characteristics, and choose the ones that you like the most and are the best fit for your practice. Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask our professional and friendly customer support team: they are at your disposal and ready to assist you in every step of the process. Our payment gateway is really easy to use, and as easy as a few clicks, you can have your women’s rash vests delivered to your home. Don’t wait until the last minute, take advantage now!

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