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"The Lisa Andersen story"


Lisa Andersen is one of surfing’s few transcendent stars. Four-time world champ, first woman on the cover of Surfer, six-time Surfer of the Year and inductee into the Surfer Hall of Fame. She is a bona fide surf icon, except this is not a story about surfing, or not really. It is the story of chasing of dreams and their consequences. The story of a woman brave enough to be vulnerable.

Photo: Andersen Collection
Photo: Joli
Photo: Andersen Collection
Photo: Servais
Photo: Servais

Now a mother of two, 4-times World Champion and global ROXY ambassador, Lisa delves into the lessons of her journey that made her one of the greatest figures of modern-day surfing. Throughout her life, she has encapsulated the very essence of what it means to Make Waves Move Mountains, carrying ROXYs mantra well into her post-competitive life. To this day, she serves as a mentor and example to women of all paths and lives, and a true legend to ROXY girls everywhere.

Trouble - Lisa Andersen


Trouble Movie - Lisa Andersen's New Movie Trailer