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Ski & Snowboard Goggle lense: all Roxy replacement lenses

Carve with confidence in every element thanks to Roxy’s stellar selection of snow goggles. Offering unbeatable vision in all conditions, our selection of ski goggle lenses and lens replacement tech means you’ll never miss another blue bird day or powder session again. Putting the power in your hands, Roxy has created a range of next generation ski goggles with interchangeable lenses for all-weather riding. Looking at the science behind the sport, our versatile goggle lenses are built with low-visibility-beating tech and glare free reflective lenses to ensure nothing slows you down on the slopes this winter!


The secret to making every day on the slopes count is understanding that whether you’re cruising the mountain in sunny bluebird conditions or picking your way down the fall line in a foggy whiteout, choosing a quality set of goggles is probably the most important equipment decision you can make. Giving you ground breaking innovation each winter, we offer all types of lenses for boosting your visible spectrum on grey days and protecting your peepers on dazzling days. Designing cutting edge technology that gives you the gift of choice, our ski goggle lenses are more than meets the eye. Crafted with precision to ensure the very best anti-glare, anti-scratch features, our goggle lenses aren’t just handy for when Mother Nature turns a sunny day into a snow storm, they’re great for first to last lift junkies that want to see the sun set over the mountain they climbed in the morning! From maximal peripheral vision to advanced air flow, our goggles are made with hauling ass in mind.

Designed by a creative cross section of fashion vanguards, industry insiders and geek chic wiz kids, our ski goggle and snow goggles offer endless versatility and impeccable ergonomics that help you ride high without weighing you down. Thanks to Roxy’s killer lens tech, our all girl powder posse have been able to take the sports they love to the extremes, mapping uncharted territory and dodging avalanches in white wildernesses across the globe. Stress tested in the coldest conditions in the world, our altitude approved snow goggles have become an essential go to for many of our most famous female riders. Trusted thanks to their playful practicality and mountain innovation, our prescription ski goggles and advanced interchangeable lens options offer unparalleled vision in all alpine conditions.


Celebrating your adventurous soul, Roxy is more than just a brand, we’re an action sports girl gang made up of the best badass babes in the biz! Giving you the tools to touch the sky, our powder perfect snow goggles are online and ready to shop now. Available with product descriptions that break down the nuts and bolts of boring tech, we give you the freedom to choose with helpful hints and tips from the pros over on our blog. Offering exclusive deals, discounts and fast shipping for all of our online crew, you can ride in style over at our web store today.

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