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Board shorts are one of the quintessential surf garments and Roxy are delighted to bring you cheap womens board shorts for your beach time fun. As with all our garments, we take pride in the construction of each and every one and put the quality into stitches and seams so that you feel comfortable and secure with your cheap womens board shorts.

Good Deals From the Roxy Outlet

Boardies are not just fashion items – although you can happily wear them down the street. They are designed so that they can help protect your legs from the roughness of wax on the board as you surf, and give you freedom of movement as you pop and catch that wave. Their secure waistband prevents water from dragging them down and the fabric is quick-drying when you're done for the day. Roxy took all these factors into consideration when we made our range of cheap womens board shorts, so you can get active, wearing them with confidence.

Cheap Womens Board Shorts

There was a time when you could wear anything you liked to the beach, as long as it was a skimpy bikini. But times have moved on. Nowadays board shorts are just another option for women who want to enjoy the water and sand, since you can use cheap womens board shorts as swimmers too, or for beach sports such as volleyball. It's all about choice. Roxy's range of boardies comes in a variety of leg length and waistband style so you can find the pair that you feel most relaxed in. Our cheap womens board shorts don't stint on the design factor either, so you can find the perfect match to the rest of your beachwear with funky colours or more muted tones. Get a pair of board shorts today.

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